Our professionals have developed considerable expertise in assisting enterprises (SMEs) in the complex dynamics of the globalization of markets and in the necessary requirements of internationalization of production and / or commercial activities.
Particularly, the members of our network operate with a reference to:
a) European Union Member States (including the new one in adesion), Switzerland, Norway,Iceland, Ukraine and Turkey;
b) the Balkans Countries;
c) Mediterranean and Persian Gulf Countries (and GCC organization);
d) the countries of the so-called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India ,China and South Africa);
e) ECOWAS Countries;
f) within the conventions: between EU and the ACP Countries; between EU and the U.S. and the NAFTA Countries; between EU and Japan and Australia.
The practice dedicated to the internationalization of the company includes:
a) assistance in the creation and management of platforms for and projects of cooperation in trade and / or production;
b) market analysis (country, commercial and investment risk) and advice in business plans and / or business project preparation and drafting;
c) assistance in the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts - in Italian and English (sale of goods, procurement, licensing, technology transfer, deprivation and know-how, transportation, insurance and guarantees, documentary letters of credit, of patronage, a joint-venture contracts E-commerce, factoring, engineering, Memorandum of Understanding, sponsorships, employment contracts, etc.);
d) assistance in the procedures focused to obtaining funding for internationalization (calls EU, national and regional calls; co-financing or loan facilities, financing from IMF, EIB, World Bank; funding from the Regional Development Banks).